Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why Work?

The philosophy of the purpose of work has changed over the ages---to hunt, scavenge, or grow food for survival, to make money to consume/acquire goods not requiring our direct labour, to self-fulfillment.

Likely, our future will come full-circle to the ideas of Aristotle in 335BC who claimed the prime purpose of existence was not work, but improvement of the mind.

This video, The History of Work, unfortunately, does not speculate about our work future, stopping as it does with the advent of the early computers without speculating on their impact to our future world of work.
Recent years, though, have defined that future without question, and in so doing, have also defined a roadmap of the future of human life. 

Every innovation created more free time---think of the washing machine, and just as that innovation provided more time by freeing people from a consuming household chore providing time for other things, computerized technology and robotics will take that free time explosion to the extreme---back to Aristotle’s idea of a life of leisure doing what you want to do rather than imprisoning us from the need of work for survival!

During the transition, which we are undergoing now, our world will suffer severe disruption as we adjust our thinking, our expectations, our habits, our very way of life to a future of peace, eradication of poverty, equality of opportunity, and respect for our fellow man---a Shangri-La devoid of the burdens of work....the Utopia first proposed by Greek Philosopher Plato!

Your present political philosophy, your ideas of independence and self-sufficiency, your present role as a wealthy business owner, a worker, or a pauper, will make little difference in defining the future world and your role in it.   Everyone will have only one objective---survival!  Survival of life, survival of production means to provide human needs and wants, and survival of a working economy to sustain the needs of the population, and there are not many available options!

A world without work for humans will bring profound changes to the past rules that defined our world, its economy, and the roles of people---- And no matter what you think and believe now, you too will be swept up in the tsusami of social and economic change.---and acceptance of and adaptation to the profound changes will be your lifejacket to survival.

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