Monday, September 12, 2016

A Model European Society for North America to Emulate

 “Where to Invade Next" is an eye-opening Michael Moore social commentary documentary available on Netflix. 

Moore travels to many forward thinking progressive European countries to find fantastic social ideas about running a great country...and discovers all the great things are originally American ideas not currently practised there because America is a place that presently structures with "the me" in mind while the forward thinking societies structure everything with "the we" in mind.  

This film reveals what can and is being done in progressive and caring societies…and probably foretells the future “Shangri-La” world when most work is done by technology requiring little human labour.

A sample of great ideas being practised are free university education, corporate boards require composition of 50% workers, prisons with unarmed guards rehabilitative rather than punitive, strong sense of female equality, short work days, universal health care, generous social services like paid maternity leave for child daycare, generous pay, working conditions, and holidays, etc.   In Germany, the company even funds worker’s honeymoons.

Workers are treated generously as equals with respect and dignity---rather than slave-like peons as in America.

A story well-told by Michael Moore….but something greedy North American employers in the world’s wealthiest economy say they can’t afford!

This is truly a work world of the!

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