Tuesday, September 27, 2016

People Stuck In the Past Threaten Our Future

The following comment was written by an an individual, a far right leaning conservative too caught up in the narrow dogma of traditional conservatism, an individual who obviously looks backward in trying to preserve the world as it was rather than adapting to what it will be.
"Socialism is the greatest threat to our nation, our freedoms, and our democratic institutions. It must be fought at all levels, and those who show support for such a totalitarian means of governance should be driven to the margins of our society. No less than this will save our country from the tyranny of collectivist ideology."
I responded—
"What a bunch of drivel Dean. The real threats to the nation are joblessness, inequality, greed, lack of opportunity, corporate fraud, concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, unfair employment practices (35% of Canadian workforce employed in part time, contract, and casual employment cutting 35% of workers out of the consumption of big ticket items thus adversely affecting the economy)...and the problem is getting worse as technology and robotics steals more---and eventually all jobs.
When few work, we'll have to pay people without jobs just to keep up consumption to keep the economy afloat.  Without consumption, the entire economy would go belly-up!
The future is coming fast---and the new times and new conditions will require new thinking and new answers---and the societies stuck with old ideas that fail to transition to the new world will be doomed.
Watch the "present" of auto production and try to find the workers making cars these days!  I'm trying to figure out, with this reality, how to make sense of the neo-con statement that wants to preserve a past that no longer exists...LOL!
Today's car manufacturing is done in large part by robots. Check out the amazingly futuristic process.

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